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Post Author: Chris » Wed Jul 26, 2006 11:27 am

This is a nice looking machine. The green molded plastic door makes it stand out from other machines. During attract mode mini strobe lights flash occasionally just asking for you to play it. Unfortunately this is where I stop saying good things about this machine.

ArraKing is a Type-B machine meaning it doesn't have a regular bonus and the big bonus only contains two rounds of 8 plays. Which isn't a big deal since that just means it goes into bonus rounds more often.

It features a digislo counter which allows you to play this machine two ways, try to shoot the reels or the counter Get three of the same number in the digislo display and a bonus is coming or just play the old fashion way and watch the reels.

The pachinko ball in the center above the reels doesn't do that much occasionally it will pop up to let you know a bonus is coming or sometimes the area around the ball will light up red to let you know you have a chance of winning a bonus.

There is not much of a build up to winning so boredom will come quickly when playing. The bonus round music is decent but nothing ground breaking.

Initial Appearance: 9
Sounds and Lighting: 8
Overall Gameplay: 6

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