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Post Author: Wayne-O » Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:01 pm

Ridge Racer is a very entertaining machine. If you like a machine with a racing theme, then this is a machine you would enjoy.

One of the features is that the machine has 4 Stop Buttons, making it different from most Pachislo's. The machine has a large LCD screen, large reels, lighted stop buttons, stereo sound, amazing exterior lighting, (with 2 headlights, on top, that open during a Bonus Round). The machine also speaks in English, (no accent).

With the machine set at a #4 odds setting, it seems to have very good gameplay. There are several different "racing type" mini-games and also a couple of other types of mini-games, such as Pac Man and Galaxian. Which can all lead to a Regular/ Big Bonus Round. The machine is very entertaining to play, while waiting to achieve a Bonus Round Chance.

Once you achieve a Chance, the machine tells you that you are a "Winner". To get into the Bonus Round you will need to "Eye-Shoot" the 4-7's, on the reels.
When the machine says "You nailed the Bonus", that is when you need to "eye shoot" the 4-7's. If you don't "eye shoot", the machine will take up to 10-15 minutes before landing on the 4-7's, on it's own. Repeatedly saying, "You nailed the Bonus".

Here is a video of a Big Bonus Round. (By, "eye shooting", I "nailed the bonus" first try). :thumbleft:

[BBvideo 560,340]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePWUnYnijj0[/BBvideo]
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