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Post Author: jh-ss44 » Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:14 am

recently bought this machine.
nice graphics. the "neon" rabbit head glowing rainbow colors ,then while winning solid changing colors is very neat, a feature that could have been carried over to other machines.
only plays max bet ,unless it's some how changeable. even though the pay out graphics show wins on 2 or 3 bet.
extremely loud in winning mode with the singing !! own 3 other pachislo , this is by far the loudest. seems to Not have a volume switch. has 4 speakers for stereo sound
seems to play a little smother than the other machines.
slight disappointment on no wins on 3 purple hearts or on 3 bars = which rarely come together. simpler reset system.
back lit reels nice ,not to bright. lit stop buttons nice. addition lights (small simple) to help "guide you =token in 1,2,3 token in ,reply ,ect. digital speech other than the singing, open door when on in Japanese (door open), and from time to time a Soft spoken female encouraging more play .

over all a nice playing machine. note; different singers / songs would have been nicer for me. very nice type 5 , 5 line machine with the RT feature. seems to be a nicer upgrade of electronics on this model.
always sunny & hot.

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