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Re: Big Bonus & Credit Switches

Post Author: Wayne-O » Mon May 12, 2014 2:37 pm

Originally Posted by MYRVHOME

Above the blue reset / odds change switch on the inside of the door there are two small slide switches: if you move the top switch to the left, it will dump the 50 credits after a bonus; set to the right it will hold them.

If you move the lower switch to the left, then after a "big chance" bonus an alarm will sound and the "PAY" display will show "of" and you will need to turn the door key to the left to clear the alarm and restart game play (probably to allert an attendant to fill the hopper); if the lower switch is set to the right no alarm is sounded and no rest is required.

I have verified this when hitting the solid color 777 "big chance" bonus win, but I have not hit a mixed color "big" bonus 777 win yet while testing, so I don't know if the lower level bonus is identical as to the need to reset.

I will keep testing with both switces to the left and post the results when I hit a mixed color 777 "big" bonus.

HE (Hopper empty) can only be cleared using the blue inside button, sigh,,,,, :shock: :(


When you win a "big" bonus, even with the switches to the left, 50 credits will be held after the bonus is complete, and no alarm will sound and no door key reset is required: these switches only apply to when you win the "big chance" bonus round! The credit auto dump, and alarm / reset functions, are only for the "big chance" bonus!

Verified by testing.

Hope this helps.


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